Sunday, July 22, 2007


Me before exams outside the hall.

In the badminton hall with my beloveds.
Missing: Andrea and Cassendra.

One More Time!

and this smelly cha gia of mine.



Salmon Salad

Fried Rice with Sharkfins

Abaloneeeee. (L)

Dragon Roll! <3
Soba with Tempura.
My Favourite Salmon sashimi, sushi and salad. <3333333333
The Thai Dessert.

Credits for Rakuzen and Happy Valley Restaurant! <3

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Ahhh. Exam's over.

Feel so good! After 3 weeks of studying (yes i did!), finally I can rest for like, about 1 week! but super boring ler if I don't study. hahaha jkjkjks. now now let's talk about the trial exam.

BM- I was so nervous until I saw the karangan questions! I think most probably it was the first paper. and I think I did it quite ok. that was easier than the mid term's. Pray Pn Alina don't mark until so strict!

Sejarah - Nobody said it was easy. SERIOUSLY. Like the most easiest question also ask until so hard. Remember the one they asked you why Selangor accept the residen british thingy? Go Hui died la! then the answer for you are like so damn hard to choose. SMELLY PAPER. First class got 3 or 4 people get A for it and you know who get an A for it in my class la. Don't mention. =3

English - haiya. no comment. Only the paper 1 is harder then what we think. I made so many mistakesss. Omg my darling is gonna kill me. =(

Geography - Ok ok lah! I think I did stupid mistakes. AND I CHANGED MY ANSWER. damn smelly smelly smelly.

Mandarin - Yer dont ask!

KH - hahah. I think its okay. BUT SMELLY I GO CHANGE MY ANSWER AGAIN. I HATE IT SO MUCH! I was confuse about perintang and fuis. Groar.

Science - Dont talk about it arrrrrrrrrr. The whole diagram for water electrolysis I see wrong the stupid anode and cathode thingy already. Bye bye 6 marks. =(

Maths - I love mathsss the most! <3