Sunday, July 30, 2006

Let's meet Miss Brenda Yew Tze Yenn the baby seater!

I tell you all hor. Her sister super super super duper cute loh hou mou! hahahaha Sorry Estella I just have to say that she's cuter than you abit moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! But i still love you alot lah no matter how cute she is.<3

Angle Eyes


I did this with the kids during my weekends! hua hua hua EH SERIOUSLY, we had so much fun that timee.. the kids.. aiyerrr hahaha so cuteeeee!! When I say to them.. " Wei wei wei, Jie jie teach you all how to chop chop chop cute cute nice nice art want anot?" then they said.. " I WANT I WANT I WANT!! yessss yesss yesssss jie jie yesssS!" *pulling my pants* hahah thennnnnn i sayyyy to them. Close your eyes now ah, cannot open ah, if open adey cannot play joh!"*quickly run to the kitchen and get stuff* after 10 minutesss, all the lady fingers, starfruits and capsicum in front of them adey.. *yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!*SHOW TIMEEEE!!

..... they enjoyed very much i think. hahaha pity me need to clean all the stuff.

Friday, July 28, 2006

I'm back again, everyone! Wah, my counter increase so fast de, so fast 1212 already? Wheeeeeee Let's talk about my class today. HOHO

The guys in my class. ahahahah dont laugh !

Have schoolmates like that too. ^^

I have this paper.. Jiy Ni wrote this morning during Moral lesson, Chao Shu Kia!

Form 2A Students has super powers.

Aiyak i just remember some interesting powers only woh.

The Power of:

____________ Power

Mun Yee = Cockroach Power! *Ka Cat!!*
Kist = "Emo" Power !
Pei Ern = Boney Power
Sue Lyn = Smelly Donkey Power
Mellissa = Lingo Power
Mal = Cum Power?!
Dickson = Popiah Power
Darren = "Sachie your darren say he has Money Power!
Joshep = StinkzZ Powerrr

_______ You off!

Alfred = Dance you off!
Qassaff = Talk you off!
Ya Yen = Sweet you off!
Jiy Ni = Boss you off!
Andrea = Nyeeeeeeeeee-a you off! hahahaha (only Form 2A people know what i'm saying! =p)

Others :

Marcus = Kena you like shiat!
Kyean = Sms Super Professional ^^
Sachie = Her fav quote : YER SO CUTEEEEEEE!!! * I know you're laughing*
Rebecca = can laugh in a very asthmatic tone.
Wee Yang = Innocent face!
Samatha = Goes high around ? I forgot!


Mou Chuan = too hairy to say a.k.a KELEFEH! *mou mou*
Alvin = one word. THE KELEFEH OF ALL COWS.
Kelly = aiyoh. Kelefeh.

One Left out. Dunno who. ahahaha Mi yan Neh! - So sorryyyy

2 7 0 7 is another special date. <3

Thursday, July 27, 2006

What I've Been Looking For.

It's hard to believe
That I couldn't see
You were always there beside me
Thought I was alone
With no one to hold
But you were always right beside me

This feelings like no other
I want you to know
I've never had someone that knows me like you do
the way you do
I've never had somone as good for me as you
no one like you so lonely before i finally found
what i've been looking for~

So good to be seen
So good to be heard
Don't have to say a word
For so long I was lost
So good to be found
I'm loving having you around
This feeling's like no other
I want you to know

I've never had someone that knows me like you do
The way you do
I've never had someone as good for me as you
No one like you
So lonely before,
I finally found
what I've ben looking for~

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

During class-photo taking.




AIYAK!! *screams Pn Teoh*


The picture came out to be abit blur.

Sighh. I'm really sicked this week. Sore throat + Flu + cough + allergic. What else? oh. assessments! hahaha i have not been touching my books until now.. sitting here.. bloggingg.. AIYAH DONT NEED WORRY LAH ASSESSMENT ONLY MARH. hahaha woops! okay lah okay lah i studied 5 minutes before test today okay? haha satisfied or not ? AISEH. Assessements was quiet okay lah actually. not too bad

oh yeah! are you promoting yourself? *giggles* Dont try to be silly lah, pls!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I Have Sore throat + Running nose + cough + allergic


My voice is changing.. Nose is gonna drop real soon.. allergics is getting worst and mood is changing and soooooooooooooooo...



Saturday, July 22, 2006

Bop, bop bop bop, Bop to the top!

I had choco fondue yesterday with Gary, Kar Mun, Jiy ni and Ben :

Aiseh. We didnt get to camwhore also! Sigh sigh sigh Din do much things there too. EH WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? GREAT EASTERN MALL ONLY OKAY! ahahaha WoOpss I'm waiting for the Haagen Darz Ice Cream Buffet soooooooooooo badly. =3

Gary gave me this turtle. <3

Oh nooooooo! She's gonna steal it! hahaha! *the way when she "steal" look so serious and cute! *

I love this picture!

To Mal:

Eh you smelly little whore! You gave me uncompleteddddddddddd Kiss Goodbye score lah hou mou! Yau mou gau chor? hahaha *slaps* I want it to be completed on Monday okay! Gah

To All Form 2A members:

GOT WHAT HOMEWORK? hahahah dont throw fruits at me !

To Everyone:

Good nights! <3


Friday, July 21, 2006


sighhh. You still have your long future to go leh. Dont give up so easily. Although I dont know you, i still will pray for you and I'll wait for miracle comes to you. Everyone now pray together for him!

I just love my day. Wheeeee

Friday, July 14, 2006

I knew it was gonna be fun today. =)

Im currently in a dessert mood nowadays. hahaha! I know, fattening! but who cares right? who cares? LOL

Dome, The cake of month.

Kenny Rogers, Brownies with ice cream!

Okay, okay. I know it doesn't look nice compare to the cake and brownies! But, It called Ngoi Sam Dan Kou (Cake baked with love? hahaha) baked be my mom today. So warm! Eh eh, she hardly go into the kitchen you know? *touches*

Well, Sachie, Jiy Ni and I quickly quickly went to leisure mall today after school! haha Gary came to fetch us. lala then later on only we meet others (aunties and uncles) at the arcade after lunch at Kenny Rogers. Hoho aunties and uncles so old already also go arcade! tsk tsk tsk WEllllll what a great great great triple great day! haha I dont know how to explain but.. I laughed alot today. Pheww We ate super good brownies for dessert at KR's, they sure enjoyed it very much, they sure did! hahaha Watched Pirates of the Carribbeans too. Soooooo funny leh some parts.. haha we laughed our asses off too, really! Especially Sachieeee.. I can hear her voice everywhere in the cinema! HAHAHA! and i remember got one tall guy with spiky spiky hair sitting in front of me! so annoying lah his hair! keep blocking the screen! hahah I should have brought scissors! bwahahaha! Snip Snap Snop his hair! kua kua kua Who asked his hair go make until my neck so tired now HAR! Hmmph! Oh yeah, got one guy wanna pikat Jiy Ni in the cinema! hahaha Woooooo cool man! hahahah *trying to laugh like a pirate now* wheeeeee

I'm very tired. I want massages.

I love my day!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Grandpa's 76th birthday on 9th July! The cake was delicious and it looks so grand! I saw many Mun Yees in there. (strawberries) LOL It's gonna be their 50th wedding anniversery soon! Sarangeyo !

So sweet hor! <33>

Some pictures on that day.

The lighting is kinda weird. =9

and i looks sleepy. HAHA

I have a pretty granny and a handsome grandpy! Wooooo


Estella is the best best best kid ever! So i made her french toast and cincau longan today! ^^ Lol We made French toast and cincau longan during co-co. haha so FUNNNN I brought Estella into the cooking room today too. Lol Many of them asked me whether she's my sister anot, yeah lah i wished! and I played with her after school too! (L)(L) Why isn't she my sister or anything, or else i will hug her everyday when i sleepppPpp! hahaha! Why is she so super duper cute. AHHhh.. Rachel says that i'm a kids lover. =D

I tell you why i hearts her.


School was bored as usual. haha but it's gonna be fun tomorrow! yayy yayy (F)

Friday, July 07, 2006


A story of a broke up couples.

He (the boyfriend) told me he broke up with his gf last night. So ,The most silliest thing happened this morning when i reached school. I saw her (the girlfriend) standing outside her classroom with a friend so i just said hi and wanted to ask how's she after that broke up because we're like some real close friends. Hmm, the first time she ignored me so i thought my voice was too soft so i said HI again. She look at me for awhile and looked away continue her conversation with her friend . I was like WTH! then i walked away. hahaha and i dont know there's something wrong that time you know. And normally she will say hi to me and wave to me first marh if she sees me in the morning, but this morning. BAH. I keep thinking what did i do wrong until the third lesson, i went into the toilet and saw her again, so i asked her whats her problem, but she didn't want to answer me so i asked her friend, but she pulled her friend out. I thought she was sad this morning so she didn't talk to me or something but, I DIDN'T KNOW it's was something that more serious than that. Until i asked one of her friend, and she told me EVERYTHING.


She thinks that i'm the one who helped her ex boyfriend to dump her or something more complicated than it with one of his bestfriend. and I dont even know
what the *****
is happening by that time until he told me AFTER they broke up and BEFORE she told me what is she angry about. I swear. I mean like what is it gonna do with me because of their break-ups. NOTHING RIGHT?! Then she said, because me and his friend are the one who called him to dump/apologize/scold her I DONT KNOW LAH. I was like.. so innocent in the whole thing of it right. She's just dont know anything and dont wanna make sure why is she angry before she's angry of someone and she go simply accuse people! So, I went to her again during lunch and tried to explain that i'm not in it lah. But, in the end, She walkedddddddddd away AGAIN. okay, and that's it for me.

So, i just sent her this message, after school.

Hey, I just dont wanna let you misunderstood. But i have to tell you that i really dont know any single thing about it until he told me you guys were broke up okay, i swear. and please make sure everything before you accuse others alright.

She replied.

okay okay okay fine, i didn't accuse you.. and you and *his friend* were the one who send me the apologize message right, SOMEONE TOLD ME.


....... i forgot what did i replied her but i remember i said, i was very disappointed because i have a friend who thinks that i'm that kind of person and she didn't give me any chance to explain and just walked away like this..... (U)


fine fine fine.. sorry LORH. don't so angry leh.



Thursday, July 06, 2006



siaooooo. (crazy)

Yer i swear this is not an editted picture or he gum those pins with UHU glue lorh. He.... he.. He AHYER! SO DIsGUSTING! haha He came to show me this morning and i was like so shocked! He go poke all the pins into his finger skin and GUESS WHAT. No bleed at all! hahaha what kinda man is this. SIAO! He showed me how he poke in there also. OMG Yeryeryeryeryeryer. He say got 25 pins there. Yucks

lalalala. I wanna go sleep. Tired like pig now. Ngoiks i mean nights. <3

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I have a fruitty class!

Jiy Ni - Grapey Jine

Malcolm- Orangey Me

Alfred - Blueberry Yang

Ya Yen - Peachey Yen - haha read it in ANOTHER WAY ROUND. PEACH. Hmm PEACH.

Koh Kyean - Bonsenberries Kyeanies

Jia Jiin - Durian Hoo

Mellissa - Cherry Mel

Qasyaff - Manggy Syaff

Mou Chuan - Watermelony Mou * too gay for him*

Mun Yee - Strawberry Mun *She stole Alfred's strawberry name. Evil Queen.*

Pei Ern - Peary Ern

Andrea - Honeydewy Drea

*Sachie- Lychee Sacheee (Nice leh! Well of course lah . Who name for her one! KOH KYEAN!!) *perasaness* hahahaha!

P/S: and obviously mine is the nicest right! BonsenberrIES KyeanIES! hahahaha JK! dont throw fruits on me kay!

Thats why i love her!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

*clap clap clap clap* *clap clap clap clap* Ai mei you, hen mei you, zhour bu lai, shui bu tiao! hahaha

Guess what song is this. o.O


Yes, correct!

Perhaps love's OST. Wheeeeeee shi jie gen ben jiu la taaaa.. hai you she meh ke paa.. *hey hey* hahaha i'm nuts and overhighed tonight. Sigh i cant control myselffff! Roar. I'm crazy.

Hearts you!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Cheer 2006, Bukit Jalil.

It was FUN FUN FUN! Hanged out with Li Wen and all the Form 5's and.... Max- Heisverynoisy. <3 The funny medias - Jean and Joey G. VERY HANDSOME AND CUTE! and there were like.. 30++ cheerleading teams there.. 32 or 36 already? Hmm all of them actually did pretty well tho. Especially our Queens! Sigh.. i wonder why. Why they didn't win. RAOR. Mun Yee almost cried when i went to look for her that time.. her expression like .. also changed adey. *hearts pain* I gave her a big tightttttttt hug and pujuk-ed her.. Awww. I Love You Mun Yee! Dont cry. Theres always next year. ^^ I shouted very loud today.. so many times sumore! cannot talk already. haha i need honey. *buzzzz buzzz buzzz * Queen rocks. <33 and Shewanaz too.

Look at the crowd.

Look at him, just look at him. *tsk tsk* He went to stick the "Queens" sticker e-ve-ry-where. O.o - Mr Josh.

Pretty her - Tien. Sweaty me.

I hearts you, Mun Yee. None for ya yen. Hmph JK!

I like it!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Hello July, Good Bye June!

Well, went to IU day and food fiesta today. It was.... fun but tiring.. haha i cant even move my ass now man! Sigh Well i saw sook mun mei today! I wonder what did she do.. haha suddenly so slim already. Not fair! Hmph. and Guang Ee you should really talk to the hand. hahaha I saw Max too. ^^ I was very surprise that he came! tsk tsk he skipped tuition! So naughty! roar. Well, Jesse danced! so yeng! Just like Rain's mv - Its Raining. Woah. I like that part very much! and I'm sorry Eugene and Gary, haha i dont wanna be like a sor poh played by you all in front of all the kids only! hahaha You both sucks. Go bluff small kid. *kicks*

*Keong you still owe me muffins!* Believe it or not, he bake damn good muffins! but it looks.. soaky leh. *giggles*

Hmm.. I helped my club, Hospitality walking around with a big basket selling popcorns! hahaha sounds so odd. Surprisingly, i sold all the pop corns in like.. about 20 mins? ahah then i go back to the stall and asked for more popcorns to sell! Keng eh? *_* Hmm, well actually, i asked from those kids with adult. HAHA First, you should smile with the kid with a big wide smile, and ask them: "Popcorns, anyone?!" Later on they sure will shout to their parents to buy for them one, for sure! Yes. Wahahaha!


Henna Painting! - Kyean, Brenda & Sookie. <3
*Brenda's one too india-ish!! kua kua kua..*

Make sure you dont laugh after you see it okay.

Make sure. Make sure. Make sure!


MAKE SURE AH !!! MAKE 100% SURE ANOT?!? ARE YOU REALLY REALLY SURE?! PROMISE AH!! DO NOT LAUGH AH! *Ahahahahahhahaha* I knew you're gonna laugh soon! TRUST ME.


LAUGH ALL YOU WANT LAH. I'm Harry Potter's sistaaaaaaa! ahahahaha

Im siao.