Sunday, August 26, 2007

Back to school again!

Sigh. Time passesssssssssss soo fast! Its trials next week again. and next next next week is PMR. Somebody please kill meeeee. Obviously everyone studies during school holidays. (those who say they didn't are just lying!) hahaha. I'm so stressed out this week and this coming month! Hope to see a better Kyean after PMR exam. I think i'll be sleeping all day all night at home, or party everywhere with friends, or going out to eat delicious food with all of those WAI SEK GUAI! ( you all know who you areeeeee) Go book Jogoya, Rakuzen, etc etcccccc. CANT WAIT! And of course watch all the movie series, a few of them are waiting for me already. Lalala. Maybe go earn some money by teaching small kids! hahaha. Ehhh, seriously. my neighbour asked me to teach her twin brothers maths and MANDARIN. Aiya, kacang putih lahhh. hehehe.

Oh yeah, if you haven't watch Secret by Jay Chou, FASTER GO WATCH! It's a very sweet love story, touching with lotsa nice piano songs in there! Especially the Piano Battleee with another so called "Piano Prince". hahhaa. I'm in love with the movie. and not forgetting Rat a too eeeeeeeee. The mousey is so cute! and of course good cook. Wish I could have someone like this mouse to cook for me everyday! The food looks deliciouss and the movie is very funny! Jiy Ni go watch! hahaha. and and. I watched 200 pounds beauty during this holiday too. ( Yes i know I'm abit late but blame exams!) The soundtracks are just awesome. Very Kyeanie feel. (Not kyeanie awesome okay!) hahaha I just love that kinda songs. Dont say I'm perasan or anything okay! =D

HAPPY FLOWER DAY!! ............ NOT!


Friday, August 10, 2007

Don't pray pray. (Don't play play)


Exams are coming exams are coming exams are coming againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. sighss. 50 more days to go. I'm doing a alot of touch ups and exercise now. like what Pn Alina say, do until wanna vomit already. *No I'm not kiasu!* Wish me luck yeah. holidays are coming next week( for me to study at home la!), will be having extra class too. somebody kill me. so smelly. holidays are supposed to let us sleep and rest. Anyways, feel like going back to Kuantan this time to see my baby cousin. I never see him since he was born during chinese new year! I wonder how big is he already. TIME PASSES SO SO FAST. too bad mommy doesn't feel like going back this time (& for the first time) tsk.

Anyways, must do well in trial 2 and of course the real PMR. Baby and I are studying very hard nowadays. ( no dating very long already can anot) super sadd. I wonder how are we gonna go through all this until our exams are over. haihs. but i believe time will pass very fast if we're happy. like now. Happy 6 months baby. love ya lots.

Okay, Monkeys Gathering Part II.
The Monkey Restaurant.

As the monkeys were walking to the korean mini store looking for ice creams and sweetss after lunch..

this ajushi is posting his ajushi pose again. tsk tsk.

The Korean Watermelon ice cream & The Monkey Sweaty Me (after a long walk) - in the korean mini store.

The Monkey Food:

And this caused monkey kyeaney itchyyyyyyyy. Rawr.

Friday, August 03, 2007

The day when all of the 4 crazy monkeys meet.

Yesterday, was the best day of the month. This sweetest sista of mine, Brenda came to our school to visit, moreover, we had delicious lunch together with this 2 super hyper person in the world, Kim and Chea. YES THEY ARE! Not forgetting about me! I'm the funniest among all of them okay! So everyone of us are monkeys, and so the outing was super good, funny, and etccc. We laughed and cheered. Miss it so much! We went to this Korean Restaurant in the Korean Village, Ampang. The food was so good. Kimchi, korean bbq, and all those side dishes. We ordered some of the Ala carte also. (but its beef) and this monkey kae yeon cannot eat beef one, but at last they tempted meeeeee!! I said" okay lah one pieceee." then second dishes came. then I said again, " OKAY LAST PIECE!" but at last i ate more than that. IT WAS SO DELICIOUS. sighs. *oh lei tor fat* God please forgive meeeeee. hahahah.

Monkeys in the carr.

The *being emo* Monkey. Half of her face was covered by her hair.
(More emo)

The *act cute monkey*

okay okay. the other 2 monkeys was busy taking pictures for the other 2 monkeys.

This is the other 2 monkeys!

PS: more pictures coming soon! ( FOOD AND MORE MONKEYS!)
and the pretty chocolate I left in Monkey Chea's car. HE FORGOT TO PUT IT IN THE FRIDGEEE. die lah all melt already. =( but lucky he didn't put in his stomach. =3