Friday, November 27, 2009

My Baby

Hahaha. Yes yes, I'm gonna show off today! Whatever you call it. I'm just too happy and hyper because it's my first car. Hohoho. BE HAPPY FOR ME! =)

Teehee. I'm still not used to it because it's so small compared to my mom's Accord. And the brake system is abit weird. Grrrr. Overall, still good!

It's pure white. Exclusive Version. So you'll see it's more prettier compared to other Myvi's. AHHAHA

And it's leather seat. Nice right nice right. I was supposed to look happy! But nvm! hahahah

Hahaha. I love my baby! =)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Twilight: New Moon

I'm a super duper happy girl today because I just got my own first car. It's Myvi. Hahahha as expected. Everyone around me is driving Myvi now. I think we can create a Myvi club among ourselves already AHHAHA ! 4 Myvi's including the Maid's Myvi in our SW33T family. Hahahha. So cool. Beh Beh's silver, Alex's Black and mine is....... WHITE. hehehe so princessy right! Melissa said one! Hahhaa =) Guess what, my car plate number is really really special for me, haha! =) and it's not WTF or WTH, it's WTG. hahahah lucky girl me! I was like damn scared before this because I don't want a WTF or WTH car. ahhahaha =)

Back to the story.

After I got my car today, the first passenger who sat my car was Munyee! It was like in less than 1 hour time after I got my car like. Hahahah . Then I drove her to Beh's house and left my car there because didn't wanna drive so many cars there. We were all happy because we don't have to rush for buying the movie tickets because we already bought them with credit card. Hahahha. Damn crazy, everywhere also fully booked!! Lucky we got skills ahhaha wtf But we were not happy because we barely have enough time to eat. So no pictures during our quick lunch at Food Gardens. hahaha T_T You will not gonna see Vincent and Olivia's face in this post because one of them merajuk and another one is being really really busy tuitioning all the time. HMPHHH.

Can you feel the chrismassy feeling already? =D

My darling darling. =D

My drama maid. ahahah she damn drama one I tell you! No one beats her.

I dunno him one. Haha. Random people.

Which is sweeter, this

or THIS? Hahahah I hate them man! So sweet for what. Hahaha Look at Beh Beh's hamsap face.

This picture is to make Vincent happy. Hahahha I slapped him for you already, happy?!?! Don't angry anymore okay darling hahah we love you =D

The something-wrong women!

Munnie, Kyeanie and Jinee

We wore white today! hehehe White Christmas, I likeeeeee

Must bend down down because she complain alot! Hahahha

We didnt plan to wear white seriously!! He says I look like a mother and he's the son HAHAHA ask him go di3 *inside joke with Joshep

Can you find this place anywhere in The Gardens! Hahhah dunno why that emo guy behind there always also emo one. Grrr.

SEE what I mean! Hmph. I bet SOMEONE regret never join us today. And miss us like crazy only come to The Gardens after that one right, RIGHT? ahahahahah

We went to Jojo Pan Mee at Kuchai Lama after that. Super duper delicious!

Hungry, anyone?

Someone's happy!

But there's someone sad also

Nice right this picture. AHHAHAHA

Imma happy girl! Who wants to be in my top 10 driving list? AHHAHA I only drive nice people around. =D

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Wonder what that means? Oh well, it means the 6 of us. The family name. Hahaha. One day, Vincent's butt itchy and asked me to make up a name for us with our initial. But it will be damn weird and ugly. How can you make a word with V K A M O B together you tell me! So weirdddd. Then he tried making some funny names like 3G3B, means 3 girls 3 boys of course. or 33GB. Sound like 33 gigabytes hahahah. damn lame. Then I came out with H6P9Y. Cuz 6 means 6 of us and 9 means the reflection of e hahaha. that would be Happy! wtf damn lame also. Then he created one super duper funny one. 5N1B. HAHAHAHAHAH guess whats that! 5 normal 1 blur. Hahahah funny to the max. Olivia is the blur one of course! Then at last I came out with SW33T! ahhahah Sweet right this name. Hahah the double 3 in SW33T means the 6 of us! What 3 boys 3 girls wtf.

Ever since we all became together, my life changed. I enjoy the together gether feeling when all of us spend time together. Thanks for being there when I'm at the saddest period to make me become the happiest girl in the world. Someone told me before, true friends are those who will be there for you when you're down. Not those who leave you and don't give a damn about how you feel after something happened.

I remember one time I fought with Vincent. A funny and silly one. He got pissed at me because he said I showed him my tempered whole day. He got so angry and start throwing me hurtful words. HAHAHA damn emo one okay. I was angry at him too but I said something like I don't wanna lose him as a family member and mushy stuff like that to melt his heart to come back to me HAHAHAHA. It was so cute and funny. We both got tears in our eye too wtf. (Nvm I let you win this time HAHAHA) Moral of the story is, as long as you make effort and with understanding plus tolerating, anything also will come back to you. You all mean so much to me. Because I've found people who appreciate friendship as much as me. I can't live without anyone of you.. I swear =)

Munyee, is the cutest girl I ever know. We became close when we were in Form 2. And became closer when I started staying over at her house everytime my mom is outstation. She gives me the best welcome everytime I go there. (Not her boyfriend because they can't talk at night pfft) And her mom is the best mom ever. She treats me like her own daughter. (Not the smelly noisy baby brother!) =) I love spending time with her laughing over stupid things, window shopping or even talking random things on the bed after midnight. She will be there for me whenever I need her. But not when her bf is there! HAHAHAh just joking. I still love her with all my heart. Thank you for being my darling all the time. I love youuu darling. =)

Olivia, the blurrest girl alive. She will only get our joke after 10 seconds can! Slow like dunno what. But she has a kind heart. Kind to the wildlife animals too =) Hahah. Although I hated her last time because of misunderstanding happened, (sorry Oli! =S) But I'm glad we become like sisters now. She is the softest girl I know no matter how much she acts to be tough and strong on the outside. She melts your heart when she is an angel. She gets on your nerve with her blurness. She gives you the most honest opinion and thoughts everytime. And she's my darling only when she sends me pictures! AHAHHAAH =) Anyways, I love you Oli! (L)

Vincent! The cutest guy I ever know, because of his height HAHAHAHHA nola, he says he has the perfect height already. But he's not happy with my height HAHAHAH damn funny la he =) Although he's abit ugly at times, but he's definitely is a girl's magnet. He says the funniest (and the sickest) thing ever to make you laugh , he tries his best to cheer you up when you're upset, he treats you the best and be mean to you at the same time, thats how he do it. He can make me very happy and make me go very sad at times. But no matter what, I know he will be the good Vincent who sayang me, right? Hehehe. He'll say, DREAM ON. But in his heart, I know he is already. RIGHT RIGHT? yeah, the next word you will say is, " F you la, why you so perasan one. You wanna eat this isit?" *shows fist hahahah I love you too Vincent! (He wrote that hohoho)

Alex! Alex is the prettiest old man! He even looks better than girls sometimes pfft. Make me hate taking pictures with him! Make me look like the guy and he's the girl AHHAHA He is Mr Late. He gets on your nerve everytime when he's not punctual. And gives you funny excuses after that. Hate him for that. I hope he's getting better these days. =) Anyways I'll talk about his good side today. Hahaha. But he got nothing good for me to talk about. =( He always like to challenge my patience. He reminds me that I'm fat 24/7. He acts like a crazy driver. and his phone is 24/7 service not available. HAHAHA. Okay lah. talk about his good side. He treats me very good, he drives me home everytime no matter how far I stay, he replies my calls and smses while he doesn't do that to others *prouds HAHAHAHAh he studies very seriously to achieve what he wants, he tells me funny thing to make me laugh, and he will zha teh like a baby when he's the oldest among all of us. tsk tsk. oh ya, he likes KPOP like me too! =) Saranghae! <3

And Beh Beh! You're the last because you steal my darling away. Hahaha. You're the most considerate guy ever. Mr Nice Guy. I don't usually say that because I don't want to make you perasan.. and you treat me like F! Hahahha But I appreciate your randomness and weirdness. You do the silliest thing to make us laugh. Please be a good boyfriend of my darling and always treat her as good as me! Haha Although you always like to bully me, I will still love you because I love my darling hmph. =) Thanks for saving me that time when I'm in the most panic moment T_______T I will remember that scary night forever pffttt

It All Started That Night.......

The SW33T Family!

I really hope we'll be as close as family all the time no matter what happens.

No matter what happens, we'll always stay SW33T together okay?

I love you, every Sw33t members <3

Yours truly,
Kyeanies xoxo

Friday, November 20, 2009

Nightmare Papers Over

I'm sooooooooooo super glad that the most nightmare papers is over now! It means that I'm not gonna study BM and Sejarah in my life anymore! Yay!!! =) I feel lucky because those I never study never come out, but I feel unlucky because those which came out I only read through only!! =( Anyways I'm really really happy that this 2 paper is over nowwww. *open champagnes wheeee and start burning books! I never realized that I had so many books just only for two subjects! =(

Party Time! I don't care I'm gonna flood this blog with SUPER ALOT OF PICTURES today! Jine's DSLR is a love <3

Group study at Vincent House yesterday! We were planning to do Maths and Addmaths the whole day...


But do you think that can keep us for long? Hahaha. We went to study Christmas Carol in The Gardens like half an hour later!

I got telepathy with her! Scarily! We didn't plan to post but every picture we camwhore turned out we had the same face together wtf!

Potong steam betul Vincent

Scary lea! All same!


Hahhaha scary until hak si nang! If you know what it means in Hakka or Hokkien or whatever. They sound the same to me.

No telepathy with Vincent =(

He has the same face in every pictures right!

The driver who sleeps while he's driving tsk tsk

Say no to his driving! TAK NAKKKKKKK

Solo picture time!

Hahahahha. Someone says she look cute in EVERY picture!

Vincent DL face all the time in the camera!

Cute to the max!

Hahahha look at his blur face!

Still blurrrrr. And did you notice one thing! 4 of us had scarily good telepathy! We all wore black! HAHAHA

Scary driver wants to join us too. omg dangerous to the max! Dont do that in the car pls! HhhHahhaha

Because I look fair HAHAHAHA (and pale wtf T__T )

Have you seen this part of The Gardens before? It's at the roof garden! Damn pretty lor!

she says she loves this picture with the cars HAHAHA!

Our family's maid in front! Other famiy members were having sexy time (Mun and Beh) and one was having tuition whole day (Oli) =(

Hahahah. Vincent looks so pro as if the camera was his!

Blackiesssssssss. =)

She licks me wtf

The emo boy

Lost girl T_T

Had lunch in Fong Lye introduced by her. Haha The taiwanese food there is very nice! (Everything is nice for me wtf Vincent say one) ahhahah

Ugly face

Blur face

and cute face ! Hahaha

The cute appetizer. Sweet potato ball. Jine's favourite cuz look like her HAHAHAHAHA *inside joke

My shrimp roll riceee. Hen hao chi! =)

Vincent's Beef noodlee. Looks so yummy but can't try =(

Jine's pork intestine noodle wtf so disgusting but surprisingly tasted good too!

Alex's tomato fried egg with fish fillet set! Love it so much! I stealed alot from him ahahahha

Movie time! Yay!

The love between a boss and a slave! teehee

This is not the end yet! We went back to Vincent's house later and had dinner there too. All thanks to mama Liew! The dinner was deli delicious! Got kimchi soup somemore <333 style="text-align: center;">Jine feeding all the fishes in his house! Haha

Panda says she misses her owner.

I had to deal with naughty and noisy Panda.

Had a really really hard time with her! Hahahah soooo naughty!

We're trying to kiss each other AHHAHAh =)

Everyone say hello to Koh Kyean! Hahahhaha seriously! So cute hor! ^^" (haha somebody slap me!)

Here's another Koh Kyean also with her favourite post! Hahaha


Ma best flen, enemy used to be. HAHAHAHA

Ma very close buddy, family member one of them , and taxi driver pfft *inside joke

I hate to take picture with him because he always look cuter than me! GRRRR

But I love them so much! =)

Happyyyyy us.

Celebrate the day~~~

Dinner time!!!!

Mama Liew prepared all the delicious foodie! Helped us save $$ for dinner too! teehee We should call her Madam Liew next timme AHHAHA

The smelly host. Hahahah nola my family <3>
Happy happy us! Vincent go tell mama Liew that we can eat alot. Hahaha No doubt!

And nice nice dessert made by Mun Yee darling =) She just passed us the dessert and chao! What a GOOD friend ahhahahah

Kick this smelly boy!

I have a confession to make. I did a boobs enlargement surgery HAHAHAHHAHA JUST JOKINGGGGGG ! Thats my face when Vincent makes me angry !

trying very hard to cheer emo Benny up! T_T he emo few days already! Super heartache T_T

Soon he gave us a very paksa smile already

And at last! He gave us his real smile! Hahahha we're such good friends aren't we!

Cute mama liew. She's so cute. Hahahah she says she looks fat in pictures!

But no fear! Jine will cover half of your body to make you look slim! Hahahhaha

What about this! Hahahha Mama Liew looks the slimmest here! *red eyes!

There's PART TWO! Crazy lots of pictures! But you will get to visit it from =)