Sunday, November 28, 2010

Princess Mun Mun's Eighteen Birthday Bash

7th November 2010

Venue: Max@iHaus, Imbi

The 6 of us, went to this interesting spacious and cosy double-storey bungalow restaurant for her birthday lunch. The homely ambiance makes us feel like as if we're dining in our own house (except the interior design is much nicer than our houses) We can also choose to dine in the living room or the kitchen area or anywhere in the restaurant. What’s more interesting is that the restaurant is also a boutique furniture show room! Therefore, almost every piece of the imported furniture there are purchasable!

The Birthday Girl. The girl who I spent my teenage dreams with, I love you! <3

My best cha gia on earth, Yayen!

With Rachel Sweetie and Sexy Mel.

Ms Olie Polie Olie. Don't worry you don't look 3 months pregnant here! :)

Yummy complimentary bread (which I dunno how many plates the waitress refilled for us HAHA monsterss)

Appetizer (I forgot what is this)

~Our Main Course~

We only ordered 3 plates of different pastas just to fill up our tum tum first. We wanna save some tummy space for other food later :)

Seafood Aglio Olio. The seafood are all well marinated, well grilled and the scallops are so fresh and juicy!

Same goes to Marinara. Tomato based. I think I prefer the Aglio Olio one more :)

Cabonara with button mushrooms and smoked chicken slices :3

As for our desserts!

A scoop of alcoholic sorbet with a slice of rich creamy Tiramisu garnised with fruits

A piece of Hot Chocolate Indulgence with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

And also a Polaroid group picture before we leave! The waiters and waitresses are all so friendly and their service is excellent! Who do ya'll think took all our group pictures patiently (with a few different cameras) around the pretty house? Big thumbs up!

The Princesses! :)

Max@iHaus (Pork-free)

Lot No.32, Jalan Jati
Off Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2142 9720

Open for lunch (12-3pm) and dinner (7-11pm) daily

Our next journey - Mont Kiara, Solaris

Love this picture!

Manicure Session! Oh yes! All of us treated ourselves like princesses that day except for Oli the party pooper!

blur also must show off our pretty chio nails hehs


~Time for DIN DIN!~

Venue: D’Empire Brasserie, Mont Kiara

and again, we went to another cozy and yet a romantic bistro restaurant to celebrate our princess's birthday again. The environment is simply romantic with the soothing romantic 70's songs to be accompanied. The menu is indeed classy and the restaurant is definitely a great place to celebrate our happy moments together. What made us chose this restaurant is because the friendly chef and also the owner of the restaurant, Dallan Tan were like convincing us to try his delicious steaks and other food and keep offering us with "something special"while he saw us walking along the streets. By "something special" I mean complimentary dishes okay!! He promised to cook us a good good meal and in return, we must bring our boyfriends or family to visit his restaurant again in the future. How smart and persuasive! At the end, we did fall for his persuasiveness and ended up having a great meal with no regrets!!

the funny chef offered to take picture for us and he asked us to SMILE while reading his menu. HAHAHAH damn cute and smart businessman lor i tell you!

Yaya loves fruit punch.

Birthday girl with her chocolate indulgence

I love my vanilla sky!

Rach and Mel like sour drinks.

die die also must show off our nails! Which one is mine? Just spot which one looks the most barbie-ish among them, then they're mine.

Creamy Mushroom Soup (Complimentary)

Minestrone Soup (Complimentary)

The chef served us with 3 bowls of wild mushroom soup and 3 minestrone soup as complimentary he promised. how sweet!

Apple Avocado Salad with balsamic dressing. As you can see it has gorgonzola cheese cubes in it. for cheese lovers, you will love it!

The steak served with grilled vegetables! It looked sooooo good until I lost control and had a slice/ two of it. (If you remember, I'm allergic to beef) purrfect texture and everything! So juicylicious!!! I thought I was in heaven already! For beef lovers, you must definitely go try it one day and don't forget to bring along your beef lover friends too!

Seafood Marinara (again). but it was good too! We were all figting for it!

My favourite of the night, Mushroom Risotto. The parmesan cheese, button mushrooms and a touch of cream is added to make it a perfect 10!!

The proof of yummylicious food

Happy and satisfied!! Too full for dessert! First time in my and (our) life

A last picture of the day taken by the friendly waiter and edited by Melol0. :)

D’Empire Brasserie
22 Ground Floor,
Jalan Solaris 4, Solaris Mont Kiara,
Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03 6203 6887

Opening Hours:

Mon - Thurs: 11:00am - 11:00pm
Fri - Sat: 11:00am - 12:00am
Sun: 11:00am - 11:00pm

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Best Tea Break In Town!

Where? Starhill's Feast Village!

Time? 3.00pm to 6.00pm daily

Price? RM 3.60 per dish!!! YES IT'S ONLY RM3.60 if you dont already know!!!

***The 3.6 tea break is only available at Shook! and Fisherman's Cove for western cuisine and Luk Yu Tea House, Pak Loh Chiu Chow Restaurant for chinese cuisine :)

SO GUYS WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!!!! Faster bring your family, friends and your loved ones to enjoy your tea break together in these cozy restaurants adorned with rustic ambiance! What's more when it's only 3.6 in STARHILL!!! Better than having your tea break at Mamak stalls with smelly cigarette smokes lor right! Overall, it's a great great deal and the portion.... worth every single penny! You'll know why later! :)

Choice of the day. I also went to Shook! the other day with the girls too. will blog about it soon

My pretty Darling Mun Mun! *muacks*

The special menu for the 3.6 tea break. Looks good huh? *reminder: ONLY RM3.60!!!!*

btw, our drinks (which we didn't really like) Shook!'s one taste better, maybe because it's cooler or i'm really thirsty the other day.

Charcoal Grilled Lamb Shoulder for only threesixty. too good to be true *omfg droolssss*

*ps: look at the portion*

Mash Potato with Sauteed Mushrooms. yummy yummy

and their Cabonara Pasta with mushrooms tastes awesome too! Too bad we didn't order other food like their fresh cut salads, Asian satay or chicken wings because we were not very hungry at that time.

So what are you waiting for! Go treat yourself with cheap tea breaks at any four of these ATAS restaurants! My next mission? Visit the other 2 chinese restaurants before the promotion ends! I heard it's only till the end of this week! Some say until end of this year! Bah! I hope it last forever!

Till then, bon appetite! :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Few Before Foundation Ends, A Few After Final's Over!


but of course, our friendship and love doesn't end here. :)

I'm so glad I've spent 11 months with each and everyone of them attending the same course together. Yes, everyone of them. It's been a good time learning together and suffering together. (You know what I mean) Everyone's so interesting and I never regret knowing any of them. They are all smart, sociable, funny, cheerful, happy, and (you name it all) people. I know some of us might gonna take different course and going overseas to further studies next year, but remember, our friendship will never end! :)

Like what tam tam said, I definitely have no regrets joining this course as I get to learn what I like along the way with the people I like. (Besides Economics and Malaysian Media History I must say) Overall, I gained alot from this course and I hope I will get good results in order to get a better scholarship next year! Yes yes I can do it! :) :)

And now, I'm gonna spam this post with lotsa lotsa pictures of cool communication people!

The fact of Communication Course is more popular among females has now proven to be true.

Female domination FTW!

Now spot the poor guys! Yes! only 3, in this picture! Other sakais went home very early once they finished their paper! You guys totally missed it! Boo!

More cool pictures!

Danesh and his grandchildren! Anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN INDIAN! :)

Need I say more? :)


act cute fail

SH retarded face attempt also fail

FCIM guai guai luis! (Beside the wildchild in front of the camera of course)

My beloved college clans! People missing: Sunway, Eunice and Jingles! I want more BBQ PLAZA, SNOWFLAKE, TUTTI FRUITTI MOMENTS! And these are the people who made me so fat this year, yes blame them mommy!

My poor tam tam with her injured ankle. Don't worry she's much more better now after me feeding her with loves. HAHAHH :)

Die die also must show off my barbie nails before I end this post! Naise anot? :D

Before I really end this post, I want to thank all the awesome people around me to make my 2010 so meaningful and special! All the best in whatever you guys will do next year! Till then, we'll meet somewhere in our life journey again! :D

With love, Kyeanies <3