Friday, April 27, 2007

7 Things! =D

Seven Things I'm Experiencing Now
1. Hungry
2. Sleepy
3. bad breathe (I havent brush my teeth yet) LOL
4. Missing my darling
5. feel like study but cannot study
6. dry skin
7. listening to musics.

Seven Things I'm Thinking About Now
1. my baby
2. my breakfast
3. mid term exam
4. why i cannot go to open day one
5. my lou gong
6. my darling
7. my forever love

Seven Things I'm Worrying About
1. my mid term exam
2. my baby
3. my fatay boday
4. my money
5. maybe I'll hurt him again. but I dont wanna hurt someone I love so much. <3
7. My life without you. <3

Seven Things I'm Happy About
1. To be with him.
2. not making each other dissapoint, sad, etc.
3. to have full support from friends and family all the time.
4. My baby is gonna give me a surprise soon. <3 *winks*
5. I always get to eat delicious food.
6. Because I'm Kyeanie Lek.
7. because i'm happy.

Seven People I Treasure
1. Kenvin Lek. <3
2. My mommy. =)
3. ALL My friends.
4. My grandparents.
5. kids kids kids. =)
6. Everyone who appears in my life. =)

Seven Things I Always Touch or Come In Contact With
1. My Baby Sweethear
2. My laptop
3. My phone
4. His phone
5. My Ipod
6. Water ( Swimming! )
7. food food, and more food. *I'M SO HUNGRYYY!*

Seven Things I Want to Improve
1. My relationships between me and him.
2. My studies & results
3. My art and design skills
4. Be a 100% best girlfriend in the world. <3
5. The way I swim
7. Don't be shy, don't be shy and DON'T BE SHYYY. =3

Seven Things I'm Strong In
1. Sms Professional and chattings. ^^
2. Eating (Pig mah)
3. Sleeping. (Pig also mah what to do)
4. Shopping!
5. talking on the phones.
6. making my loved ones love me more and more.
7. H & K's LOL

Seven Things I'm Weak In
1. My most weak subject, Kemahiran Mati
2. diet. ( I'm trying to)
3. when I'm sad.
4. lying

Seven Things I Adore Eating
1. Anythng with Chocolate - Brownies, cake, ice creams!
2. Japanesee food - cold soba, SALMON SASHIMI & UNAGI! <3
3. Ice Creams , cupcakes, tiramisu, cookies <3
4. Korean BBQ
5. Cha Siew & Siew Yoke
6. Homemade food
7. Seafood & Lambs

Seven Things I Adore Drinking
1. Ice Lemon tea
2. any soup
3. Avacado Cream served Gu Yue Tien Restaurant
4. Almond Cream, Red Bean Soup, tong yuens.
5. Milkshakes
6. Bak Kut Teh!
7. Aloe Vera Drinks

Seven Things I Detest
1. Smoking
2. Gambling
3. Drugs
4. Insects
5. Smelly People
6. Being stupid

Seven Things I Cannot Live Without
1. My Darling darling, Kenvin Lek. <3
2. My Mommy
3. My close friends
4. My Phone and Laptop
6. Musicss.
7. Fun & laughs

Seven Things I Fear to Show
1. my butt (hahaha)
2. my bad results
3. my crying face
4. my tummy after I eat
5. my pictures with my short short hair (last time when primary) NO ONE HAVE SEEN IT BEFORE IN SSG. =)
6. my room when it's messy
7. secrets

Seven Things I'll Never Want to Talk About
1. Sad things
2. disgusting stuff
3. lies
4. someone's secret
5. talking bad about someone
6. excuses
7. insults =D

Seven Things I Will Want to Do
1. See my sweetheart now. <3
2. be with him forever and ever .
5. Be the most "hang fok" woman in next 10 years.
6. make him be the most "hang fok" man in next 10 years too. <3
7. GO STUDY NOW for midterm exam. FOR MY FUTUREEEEE.

Seven Things I Will Never Play Around When/With
1. Cigarattes
2. Sky Diving
3. Bungee Jumps
4. Myself
5. while talking about serious stuff
6. our feelings. <3
7. my sexy body. HAHAHA JUST JOKING. =)

Seven Things I Wonder About
1. why do we have exams?
2. What korean series or tvb series to watch during holidays?
3. What is he thinking right now?
4. where got this kinda people one? (bad people)
5. what to eat later. HAHAHA
6. where to go after exams
7. Our forever. <3

Seven Things (or People) I Would Love to See
1. Kim Jae Rong. Saranghae! <3
2. delicious food
3. more nice pictures of both of us
5. The me without fats
6. Ex form 5's and old friends
7. Celebs =)

Seven Questions I Hope My Friends Would Respond To
1. Am I really that annoying? haha
2. Do i really need to on dietttttttttt......
3. Do I look like a crazy woman when I scream?
4. Will you forgive me? *puppy eyes*
5. Please tell me everything honestly when I did something wrong yea. =)
6. When I need help!
7. When I need a shoulder to lead on tooo.

Seven People I Wanna Tag
1. My darling darling
2. Malcolm
3. Jiy Ni
4. Alia
5. Brenda
6. Sookie
7. Anyone.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Go try go try! =)

Create your own Friend Test here

PS: It's not hard, but It's not easy too!

So sorry for not blogging so often already la. people busy studying ma. Sorry lorh! =3 Will be back after mid term exam!

Just in case for some of you who ever forgets how do I look like: (YOU DARE!?!)

Me with my big big panda eye bags. Poor me.

I love my baby so much! <3

Friday, April 13, 2007

Bryan adams - Please Forgive Me

still feels like our first night together,
feels like the first kiss,
it's getting' better. baby,
no one can better this.
still holdin' on, you're still the one.
first time our eyes met,
same feelin' i get,
only feels much stronger,
wanna love you longer.
you still turn the fire on.

so if you're feelin' lonely, don't,
you're the only one i ever want.
i only wanna make it good,
so if i love you a little more than i should
please forgive me,
i know not what i do,
please forgive me,
i can't stop lovin' you.
don't deny me,
this pain i'm goin' through,
please forgive me,
if i need you like i do.
i believe that
please believe me ,
every word i say is true,
please forgive me,
i can't stop lovin' you.

still feels like our best times are together,
feels like the first touch,
still getting' closer, baby,
can't get close enough,
still holdin' on, still number one.
i remember the smell of your skin,
i remember everything,
i remember all your moves,
i remember you.
i remember the nights,

one thing i'm sure of
is the way we make love
and one thing i depend on
is for us to stay strong.
with every word and every breath i'm prayin',
that's why i'm sayin'

please forgive me, i know not what i do,
please forgive me, i can't stop lovin' you.
don't deny me, this pain i'm goin' through,
please forgive me if i need you like i do.
babe, believe me every word i say is true,
please forgive me if i can't stop lovin' you.
never leave me, i don't know what i'd do,
please forgive me, i can't stop lovin' you.

can't stop lovin' you.

Do you know how does it feels when you hurt someone you love very much? If you don't, please don't try. It hurts you alot. dont ever try. appreciate every thing you have now, and don't wait until you lose it only you regret.

Monday, April 09, 2007


I'm tired.

A team without teamwork doesn't mean anything.

I'm stressed up because of tomorrow's inter house cheer competition. just yesterday, one of them just quited like that irresponsibly. then today, one of her close friend is not joining anymore. another one was because of some reasons we didn't want her to join. It's very sad you know. Eventhough we found enough backups for them already. but it's already meaningless. ='(

things didn't go pretty well this week. I don't know why I just feel lonely, and sad. somebody kill meeeeeeee.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

I am not ready.

I've been kinda lazy this past few weeks. I found out that I didn't do anything much or even study for my exams yet. like I'm not afraid of PMR. not PMR, our mid year's term exam is only next month. and I've not done anything much for it yet. I am not ready for examinationsssssss. I'm stressed up. I think I'm gonna start studying now. but I feel like sleeping already. Sighs. School projects? Nah, haven't done any. =S

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Sorry for the lack of updates.

was kinda busy this week. Nothing special happened this few days. Except for I went to Raintree Club with him last Friday to play tennis & swimming. Andrea, Joshep, Marcus, Alvin and err. I forgot. went there on that day too. Everyone of them are joining the MSSKL tennis. They forced me to join at first too, but i rejected. First, I REALLY DIDN'T PLAY TENNIS BEFORE. so I don't think I'm that prooo to go for MSSKL. later, SIU SEI YAN (let people laugh until die). second, that MSSKL thingy is very close to the assessment week, and I don't think I can concentrate on both in the same time. third, aiyaaa. alot of things ler. After I played on that day I really thinks that I shouldn't join already. That tennis ball hitted on my face ler. Super pain! and everytime when the ball come that time I also cannot hit one. I mean not everytime, one time or two time got la. LOL.

... OH YEAH. Cheerleading is tiring. but it was quite fun! Go GREEN HOUSE! =)

The cutest cupcake everrrrrrrrrrrrrr. <3!

Well, I didn't bake it laaaaaa. I bought it somewhere near Sri Hartamas that day after I visited my father's grave. =D

Celicakes - The Ultimate in cakes. Their cakes really one of the best cake house. If compare with secret recipe i think celicakes is better. Their mousse cake is great. Can try the Cafe Espresso.

Think u all should try it. Highly recommened hehehe.
Here is the address for it.

66 Jalan 27/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
Off Jalan Bukit Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.