Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy DeepaRaya & Selamat Hari Raya Everyone!! ~

yoyo peepz.. sylvia's blog is done by me!!! ^^ haha finally! got jay-ish feel wan u noe.. hahaha pls visit if u're free! n thanks ~

wow i reli miss skol. miss everyone. miss my loveSSS haha went to KLCC n times square today.. well ts was bored.. after waitin for mom's slimming programme >.<" haha we had lunch at jw marriot hotel again. T.T haha den we went shoppin at KLCC afterdat!! lalala we watched April Snow.. n tell u guys! it was bored! wasting time n it was reli reli reli boring T.T their dialogues were all jus like same.. cried so many times.. T.T it was not sad tho.. it was a lil disappointed. i expected too much for dat show haih T.T yay it's 1st of november tomoro!!! sylvia wat day is it again ah? ahahaha ur day! de day u have been waited for long n patient.. n..n.. crap i duno wat am i ryting now oso >.<" lol NOVEMBER CHOPIN is arrived. ^^

my day wasn't gud

Thursday, October 27, 2005

sicked... T.T

went to skol.. ahha yy n me were like folding stars de whole day *swt* haha nth to do.. reli crazy.. n n i felt myself kinda childish too >.<" LOL de whole day was like sms.. listening songs.. (from baby honey darling's ipod) hoho.. fold stars.. n CHOCOLATES hahaha i'm shocked by ivan during break =.= wid his megaphone haha reli! haha suddenly pointed at me n said "VOTE FOR IVAN!!" when i was eatin.. haha lucky din chocked lolz wow after lunch sicked d.. boy.. feel hot n cold.. haih sms till terdoze off.. lol came back home.. still feel sicked.. after piano.. went to nap for awhile den sms like H.. lolz den on9.. haih better sleep early today i juz feel sicked T.T
Gui Ji is reli a meaningful song..
Sweet dreams everyone =)

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Happy Birthday to you haha de pig de de de Joon Chian =)0

haha i enjoyed myself at home de whole day.. 1 day off.. wheeeee wake up.. eat.. tv+eat.. on9.. nap.. eat.. play piano.. tv.. eat.. on9.. sleep.. on9.. gagaga lazy me.. make me dun feel like goin to skol tomoro again but i must lol n sach wat did i dooooooo.. why dun let me goooooo.. u monster.. T.T haha how much i oso will give u wan le as long u let me go can d... ^^ lol i'm crazy baka kyeano i'll make u crazy 1 day if u dun let me go.. haha i mean i'll crazy if u still dun let me gooo.. hahaha

everyone.. haha i'm not in a relationship now le.. why suddenly so many pple ask? LOL i'm juz loyal to my lou po (L) onii leeeee.. gagaga jk buubye everyone nitez ~
ai wo bie zhou - jay chou

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

all done by Mr.Foo Sze Zhan ^^ lol from jay chou's drawin became dis =.="

hate those damn rashes on T.T i promised myself i wont eat seafood from now on but i juz couldn't
i'm juz too love dem +.+
haha such a boring day haih wake up.. go skol.. sit there.. let josh de monster bully again.. =.=" hate my place man.. i mean i hate josh sitting behind me >.<>

Saturday, October 22, 2005

i'm so in love with him =)

Friday, October 21, 2005

one day without skol...... =)

gaga woke up at 9.00 dis mornin.. check my phone.. wooolala.. 7 msgs.. lolx from syl.. yayen.. yau.. some other frenz from diff skol ^^ lol when to dental clinic today.. NOT FOR BRACES.. juz for dental check oni de.. ^^ he still say dat i protect my teeth till veri gud hahaha but everyday still eat sweet stuffs.. lol at least still brush teeth a rite! hahaha n yeah.. lou po syl.. ur tin chan-ness.. lol! i play play oni le.. i'm not goin to put braces anyways.. mom say no need >.<" wat la haha miss yayen my beloved say she miss me veri much n lou po syl say 1 day without me she's gonna be crazy soon! >.<>.< as short as a MONK.. wakakaka no la.. juz cut abit oni.. no worries ^^
tak ada ipod for dis week again T.T
disappoinnted with my results n frenz..
bubbye nitez everyone~

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

sooooooooooooooori joon chian ='(

a million hundred thousands sorry.. forgive dis stupid dumb lousy forgetable pig la pls.. dun haih haih haih d pls i beg u.. gonna cry d! u sendiri tell me de wrong code still blame haih haih.. make me so kan cheong so sad so moody so fan so serious de whole day till de rain cant stop till now T.T lucky u still got de box wid u! liar still say it takes u 500 bucks *slip slap*

de whole week so moody d >.<>.< but but.. HAIH.. i'll come.. dipaksa oleh someone now.. pls ah i mengorbankan my beauty sleep pls forgive me n forget bout today k hahaha dun remember de sad pasts.. not gud not gud ^^

at last i'm thinkin which place i gonna go dis friday T.T COMPLICATED!!! ahh.. my 1st choice.. go 1 utama wid jess and all.. 2nd.. go popular for jay's NOVEMBER CHOPING!! @.@ syl lou po is gonna be crazy! grrr.. haha ur jay jay jay j..j.j..j.j.... ARH! tak boleh tahan.. and de last choice.. got lunch wid mom n her bestfren, i'l get an ipod!!! WHY DO I HAVE SO MANY GOOD CHOICES hahaha but if i go 1 utama no transpost, traffic jam, too far n stuff.. dat's wat my mom's excuse.. 2nd.. if i go shopping pak tuo wid LP.. how about my MOMMY.. haha n IF i go wid my mom.. i'll be alone.. no frenz.. no funs.. no freedom.. NTH! but at least still have an ipod so wat choice peepz T.T
life is complicated
bye bye bye

Monday, October 17, 2005


finished Full House.. super tired now T.T rach, syl, jess MUST WatCH! haha super duper luper nice ^^ n daddy must watch it all tonite!! lolz to everyone, i found out de full house's theme songs d.. Why, You Right Now, n I Think I Love You ~ haha got dem from foo >.<

haha n exams mark was like wth.. stupid mathsssssssssssssssss.... stupid careless mistakessssss.. T.T n n moral oso.. haih 55+ out of 90.. still haven add de dumb project marks.. T.T de only thing dat i still can satisfied is science paper 2.. but still haih.. 47/60 T.T.. n enn told me i got 80++ for my mandarin.. wakakkaka fake till die >.< "

haha g2g now guys.. cya ^^

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Blog Is Done ^^

Finally! I've changed my blogskin! haha changed something in there haha but still full house wid romance.. hahaha thanks for yong enn's n sach's helps too love ya guys =")

hahaha have been sit in front of de comp since 11.30 a.m till now.. eyes gonna blind soon.. lol jz for a dumb blogskin.. lol dumb girl betul >.< huhu

oh damn.. it's a skol day tomoro T.T haha i'm gonna become a noti girl dun come to skol soon like my lazy daddy tim after i noe my results haha kayz i g2g watch FULL HOUSE now.. hahaha bye everyone take cares muaks

Saturday, October 15, 2005

yayyyyyyy!! exams finally finished.. hoooOray! haha

haha yay yay yay yay yay!! exam finally finished.. huhu have been waited today since quite a long while d! haha waiting for results ='(

haha woke up at 11.45 dis mornin started to watch Full House till now.. haha reli quite nice le dat show.. laugh til cant breathe.. stomach oso pain.. hahaha n i finally realise rain has multi-talented.. he can act, dance, sing.. dat's wat daddy litim said haha n he's quite good lookin also!! huhu but i like another guy more in dat show ^.^

hahaha i'm waitin for tomoro.. gonna be crazy shop here n there.. or may be juz stay at home for full house again T.T waiting for monday.. waitin for my chief's PRECIOUS phone haha

well.. i g2g sleep now.. super tired >.< nitez everyone ~