Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Downtown Coffee & Tea @ Rampai Business Park, Wangsa Maju

It's like a combination of Papparich + Oldtown White Coffee with a wider variety of food and drinks, also with a better, cleaner and more quiet ambience, of course. Free wifi provided, fast and steady! That's what everyone wants anyways. What's more special of this place is that it's opened by my very funny friend, Vincent's daddy!

The (Me)nu.

Food from a wide variety of Asian and Western cuisine and the price is very reasonable too based on the ingredients they use and the quality, food presentation, and everything. *yummy yummy* I heard his daddy is gonna open more outlets soon in this year! good news for us! :D

Besides Kopitiam food, they also serve quality cakes and desserts. Too bad we were too full for dessert that day. :S

The son of the shop's owner, also the one who bought us dinner. so CUTE and HANDSOME right? Want his number? :D

My ladies

Look what will happen on the table when there's an Iphone 4 between a relationship.

My mini Nickhun Bernard is back! :D

Now now, let's begin with the foodie! Mun's chicken rice. Very naise!

My lamb chop. See they have western food too! Love the mash potato!

Not forgetting my River of Love. Berry Berry GOOD!

Bernard's Downtown Special Fried Rice. According to his tastebuds, he said it was really delicious! I only had one bite!

Vincent's Fried Chicken Thigh Rice. :D

Beh Beh's dry curry mee. He finished it in seconds! Gods! So monstrous!

This is ze best. Arabian Toast! SUPER DUPER NAISE OKAY. The texture is so soft like pillow and it melts in your mouth! We ordered 2 plates of this despite the fact that we were already 110% full. IT WAS REALLY REALLY GOOD. I'm craving for this from now on, no more Snowflake or whatever. Hahaha. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BY ALL OF US!

Highlights of the day! Cute cuppy cakes! I WANT! *Vincent say cheat children one* NO LOR! and guys, I give you one advice, if you buy this for your girlfriends, she will melt in front of you in less than 10 seconds! and also, Valentines is coming soon before you realised! *hint hint*

2, First Floor, Jalan Rampai Niaga 4,
Medan Niaga Rampai,
53300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
(Beside Papparich)



Thats all for this time! Go support and try their food! You won't regret for sure! This is I promise you :D

Monday, January 10, 2011


The title says it all. I gave my hair some love 2 days ago. Went all the way to Klang again (the one Sun Woei introduced) just to do my freaking hair (and also for bak kut teh lah). I brought my walking ATM machine aka my mom along this time. Hence, the result also better because got people sponsor. I dyed my hair with a darker tone colour and treatment my hair to a whole new level. It was some kinda 3 in 1 treatment thingy. Make your hair damn soft and shine like baby hair. Don't ask me how much is it or else you will burn my hair/me alive when i'm asleep wtf.

Wanna know how fugly my hair was before? the last 15cm of my hair looks so dry and damaged because i didn't really take good care of it last year. and the results? look like dead grass. make me look like some leukemia patients or something. and look at the black roots. so ugly can die man. i didn't even wanna look at myself in front of the mirror. that's how serious ugly it was.

But look at the result now!!! After colour + SUPER TREATMENT. I LOVE IT!! Works like magic! I didn't even trim my hair!! It looks so perfectly shiny and soft now and I look healthy again!! Wheeeee

no more dry ends!!!! and it makes my hair shine all the way to the end! you can also try singing to the hair see whether it will really glow like Rapunzel's magic blonde hair anot wtf

smooth and sleek. I like that!!

you know there's no conclusion in this post. the conclusion is the title.

PS: You can ask me about the place if you are crazy enough as me to go all the way to Klang just to do your hair. I think the result is really quite worthy despite the distance and the price! Please don't go for cheap saloons if you want pretty hair/and also if you dont want to destroy your hair because in my dictionary, there's no cheap and nice hairstyles. You don't want to end up regretting cutting your hair for 15 bucks and it makes you look like shit, trust me. Also, if you don't want your hair colour to fade so fast and look like crap after 1 month, GO GOOD SALOONS! And of course, if you want soft, smooth and sleeky hair, please don't be lazy, condition your hair everytime (I skip this part sometimes when i forgot, and when i say forgot it probably means lazy). Last step, apply serum, hair lotion or whatever hair products that will protect your hair after washing your hair! You can also go for treatments once in a while. But if you spend some time and give your hair some love everyday, you can skip treatment (save $$$!!!) and your hair will still look as good. hehe. From now on, I will sayang my hair more and NOT forget to do all the steps above to take good care of my hair! (One of my new year resolution) :D

Saturday, January 08, 2011


yap li tien. koh kyean's darling since 2005. pretty and elegant. lives the life of a princess. enjoys good food (just like me). loves manicure. (just like me, again) . speaks alien language. funnily stupid . laughs like i dont know how to describe and sings like a crazy. sampat. xiao zha bor. the girl i share my secrets and stories with. the girl I cannot wait to meet every time she comes back from sydney. the girl I must spend Christmas with every year. the girl who lets me sleep on her bed while she sleeps on a beanbag on the floor (big aww, *hugs*) in short, i . love . her . so . much . and . yes . I . can't . imagine . life . without . her <3

yes, that's the girl posing with my Kyeanberry I'm talking about

manicure queens. the only different is just that her nails are acrylic (fake) and mine's REAL. hehs

and longer. hahaha. her fake red nails scared the hell outta me when i woke up seeing them next to me on the table the next morning. truth was, she took them out when she couldn't sleep/too bored. sampat poh.

camwhore queens.


super manja

xiao zha bors #1

xiao zha bors #2

funnily stupid. stupidly funny.

okay one proper one before i end this short special post!

i will always appreciate our friendship of 7 years and counting till the day i die <3

To you know who you are,

hello woman from niseko. i bet you're crying with the snow when you read this post. *so warm right!!* hahahahha! and i bet you're enjoying yourself very much there. (all the exciting tweets, *emo emo*) anyways, i just had shish taowk today. (bet you can't get that in niseko hah!) *in your face* and thats for not being me with you. hahaha. heres the letter i promised you *in the crazy video we took that night* since i don't have your address now! xoxoxo i shall stop now. the reason why i wrote this post is because i am really bored, not because i miss you too much. just to let you know. HAHAHHA. LOVE YOU MUCH :D

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Life of Mommy's Personal Driver

Ever since mom trusted my driving skills, she would ask me to fetch her here and fetch her there. anywhere. anytime. Just like today, she woke me up in the morning saying "Girl, let's go shopping, i buy you stuff for CNY" I got so excited until I found out she wants me to drop her at the bank, insurance company, and my old house to do her stuff. then last stop only go shopping. T_______________T I don't mind driving really, but definitely not when there's jam everywhere. so torturing man. anyways what's more torturing was, i have major period cramps while driving. and mom was practically torturing me in the car too. she was like hurting me with rubber band wtf, fml max. i think she was too bored. but, feel my pain guys. jam + period cramps + scary mother + stupid motorcycles = DOUBLE EUU TEE EFF.

on a brighter note, i had good food and good rewards from mommy to cure my unhappiness .

monster momster

(i think she will kill me if she sees her makeup-less face picture online hahahhaha.
aiya just give her some feedbacks that she looks pretty even without make up will do. wheee)

nom nom @ Fisherman's Cove (for tea break)

Lamb chop + grilled prawn skewers = Imma happy girl

anyways, we went to shopping (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) at Fahrenheit 88 after our meal. got 2 pairs of heels(!!!!!!!!!!!) as a reward for being sucha very patient drebar. i love you so much aunty kelly

the reward

our last stop before heading home was Dragon Door Steamboat @ Cheras for dinner . it's like so far the best steamboat I ever had! the pork bone soup base is like the best steamboat soup on earth!! (and the most fattening too!!) i love steamboat and shabu shabu alot nowadays cuz i really like drinking soup. for steamboat lovers, you guys should give Dragon Door a try if you haven't. its just right beside Face to Face Pan Mee and opposite 7 Eleven along the shoplots at Leisure Mall.

one big pot of goodness

our nom noms . Big eater eh? remember to order their prawn wanton. 10 points out of 10 points.

and i love their pork and lamb slice too! shabu shabu style. so yummylicious.

now now i shall end the post with my camwhore pictures with my new babies.

love this too cuz its so comfy and the design is special <3

black pumps

(and yes Michelle, it looks so familiar because it was the one you tried on that day, the red one remember, Devil wears Prada version hohoho) *in your face bitch*


Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Happy Two O One One!

My 2010 passed like the speed of light. Quarter of it was spent with my loved ones. Quarter of it was drowned with college assignments and work. another quarter spent well enjoying my last 2 years of being a teenager. Made lotsa awesome friends. became naughtier. gained weight fml learned how to put on make up and dress up better. learned how to shi-sha. (still a baby) learned how to drink and party like a rockstar. (Nah I'm still my mommy's goodie girl) apart from all the bad things, i learned to appreciate the library more (taylors library is the best), finished my foundation in communication, managed to drive very safely with not even one small accident happen since the day i started driving *touchwood touchwood* but the most importantly was, i spent the last quarter of 2010 well with my darlings, cant imagine life without them. <3

A few more of them missing. You know who you are :(

sing scream our lungs out~~

mun darling who can go really really high even without alcohol

mel the sexy cat~

Results of having too much of black label + coke

Before the woman down a big shot of PURE black label (without ice and coke) and.......

the award of crybaby goes to her! You have no idea how scary she was that night. (boyfriend also cannot recognize her THAT scary) Im victim number one. Screaming I love yous to all of us and hitting us at the same time. tsktsktsk (I'm sorry I still love you and I hope you still do )

Karaoke queens.

Red Tomatoes

Much loves xoxoxo

Goodbye 2010~ and please be nice to me 2011! I will spend you well! My last year before turning 20! Oh noooo! Anyways, HAPPY NEW YEAR PEOPLE! Have an awesome year everyone!

Photo credits to http://miss-pop-sasa.blogspot.com :)