Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I'm so glad we can still be friends. =p.

I find the lyrics touching. No comments:

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Rain's I'm Coming Concert. <3>


In the super long queue.

EH. remember go see newspaper today arrrr. Maybe you can see US in the newspaper!! hahaha! Cause got one photographer asked for our picture. almost 5 times you know! haha don't be jealous.

oh yeah. the entrances super hard to find lorh. got so many entrances summore! We followed a few of the workers already but still they say: " Eh, sorry la miss. not this entrance. this *** gate not here one. go down stairs ar. so sorry." then we go downstairs lorh. that time they said, " eh, this not up upstairs one meh?!" hahaha kek sei us only lah them. then later on we go ask another guy after 4 people you knowwwwww. only correct. WHEN WE REACH HOR. WE SEE THE CHAIRS. OMG why so cheaplat one. like watching *dai hei* in the kampung only! hahaha! 502 bucks worh?!? aiya dont care first la. We go cam-whored. hehehe.Some of the pictures very stupid lah, I cannot smile naturally and properlyyy. =(

Everyone say hi to aunty Carmen.

and leng lui Kyean! hahaha just joking.

Anyonghaseyo. =)

BRENDA & SOOKIE. GUESS WHO I SAW. he was sitting beside me! hahaha! =p.
Woooooooooo. He started the concert with It's Raining and Touch Ya! One of my favourite parts also ler. Another one was I'm Coming! YESSSSSSSSSS. OMG SO FRIGGIN NICE AR. the graphic also very nice thats why! To the left! To the right! Rain is coming downnnnnnn! got another part was he danced Tango! Very very nice! It was Nam Boon Namja. I thought it was supposed to be Sad Tango! hahaha! TOO BAD LAH. he didn't sing Sad Tango in the whole concert ar! WASTED you know. WASTED! We all love the song so so so much. Got one part lagi keng. He copied 3 person you know. Jackie Chan/ Lei Siu Long + Jay Chou and Lee Hom! Aiyerrrrrr. You know what he doo anot.

He pretended to be drunk while he played kungfu + with drunkness. like who? LEI SIU LONG LA DUH. hahaha *Chui Quan*! then ar. He go wear like Jay Chou samfu you knoww. but RED colour one la. Fearless la he thought. hahaha! plus. you all got see Lee Hom's concert anot? The part he sing Kai Shi Ying Xiong one? Got the BIG BIG red flag one ma right? haha he copy summore worh. Keng LORH! Michelle liked that part. Hmph!

actually all his dancers was very talented also arrrrr. Super duper nice! 502 bucks worth it la! Our seats not too far from the stage also laaa. at least still can see his face! and all the lighting and fireworks! I loveeeee fireworks! who doesn't? <3 I do, i do!

Before it ends, He sang Instead of Saying Goodbye! With alot alot alot of
white paper flakes! Damn niceeeeeeeee and romantic.

I say bye bye with my big big hand! <3>

Saturday, January 27, 2007

something bad just happened 10 minutes ago. I cried. and I know it's my fault. =( How am I gonna go to Rain's concert later? I need warm hugs.

No more anniversaries.

Friday, January 26, 2007

haha. I know this picture is not nice. But it's Rain's new girlfriend okay! <3
1 more day.
22 more hours!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

4 crazy fans of Rain's + 4 Rain's Concert tickets!

Carmen and Kyean!

Rachel and Michelle!

We're so happy and excited!

Ahahah. We acted like the prisoners of SSG. =)

Countdown: 2 more days.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

It's Raining! It's Raining!

hahaha. 2 more days . 2 more days! arrrrrrh. TWO MORE DAYS. I'm going to Rain's concert already. I cannot sleep tonight and tomorrow's night already Oh my god oh my god oh my god. Hmph. Rachel, Michelle and Jaclyn they all ( the rich ladies) going for the 1k one some more. AND THATS THE FREE STANDING LAND lerrrrr. hahaha I cannot say thats such a waste butttt. aiyoh, 1000 still want us to stand meh? stupid one. Maybe they can touch him or something. or suddenly he call one of them go up dance with them? hahahah! eh, Maybe you knowwwwwwww. I wanna pan leng leng for him already. wear until like his girlfriend or something. haha! then the guard thought I'm his girlfriend then he will bring me to the VVIP seat. yes yes yes! then I wont be standing with them already. hahaha! wait until he sings his love song and then he suddenly call me: " Anyonghaseyo! this is my Malaysia girlfriend! Kyean!" hahahah! Awwwwwww. please dream more, Kyean.

On that day, I want him to sing for me,
  • Touch Ya!
  • It's Raining!
  • I'm Coming!
  • Sad Tango

these are the songs you must sing okay darling. and dance dance dance for me too! <3>

Will blog again tonight I guess. or tomorrow. Ah, I'm so exciting!

hugs and kisses. Xoxo

and YES. I'm going to Rain's concert. Omg my lelaki simpanan. hahahha! Just joking.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007



Rain's concert got extra seats people!

Just for the RM 502 one only lah. If you guys haven't buy tickets or complain the VIP tickets are too expensive better get it now as soon as possible! Carmen and I is going but haven't get the tickets yet so if you guys wanna join please contact us NOW. and I MEAN NOW. Quick! before tomorrow night or something. If we buy the tickets already then cannot help you anymore ar I have to tell you this. SO hurry up! =P


After school today. I went to the kindergarden's playground to find Estella my cutie pieeeeeee. AND YOU KNOW HOW GOOD SHE IS IN CLIMBING. hahaha 100% like monkeys on the trees! <3 very very very cute!!

Today is my best day ever. and I laughed alot in class too. <3

Monday, January 22, 2007

New time table sucks. =(

No more Happy Tuesday already. You know why ?

Sigh. actually Tuesday very nice one.

First two lesson = ICT
Third and fourth lesson = Moral

__________ BREAK ___________

then after break ah. We got Art for 2 lessons!
after that, then we got errrrrrrr. yeah! Mandarin! hehe

Lunch Time!

Hohoho. then Coco time already. SO FUN HOR. like didnt study one whole day only HOR. okay, forget it. My new time-table now changed to everyday also very cham already. No special day already ah. =( ONE MORE THING. sigh sigh sigh. Miss Lee is not teaching us English anymore ah. and Miss Regina is gonna teach us. My my my. I dont wanna go to school already. hahaha! Just joking.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

I dont wanna go to school tomorrow can anot. =(

The reason why I dont wanna go to school :

Got PJK ah. Miss Siew summore. I wanna cry. Always must do 100 times for starjump non-stop! Cheeeee sin one you know. =(


I wanna go to school because can see my darling tomorrow already. Shhhh. <3

Friday, January 19, 2007


my day was not bad. I'm a good bully you know. Haha smelly Mou let me bully enough today until he...... SPANK ON MY TABLE AND ASKED ME: " What's your problem!?!" while I'm doing my Maths homework. hahahahhaha oh my god everyone laughed so loudly. I keep on bully him during classes especially during Civics and Mandarin lessons OMG. I'm already a monster in his mind and everytime I giggles with Yen that time he will keep looking at us whether I'm talking about him anot. ahaha. Eh uncle, you got so many bad things to let us talk about meh? LOL. During Civics today I purposely go say loudly: "Yerrrr why that gangster looks like Mou Chuan one." anddd. when we're talking about drug addicts, then i go say like " Yerrr Mouuuu, see la what happens, so now still can turn back you know, still can change." hahaha! anddd one moreee, they say smoking lung will become black ma. then he faster go say my lung is black, then I say back to him, " okay, my lung is black, but your heart is blacker than my lung." HAHAHA. until that time he nothing to say already. until dunno who say again, got people say there was one girl has been murdered by another boy when they're standard dunno what because the girl keep bullying the guy. THEN I QUICKLY SAY " SORRY AH MOU CHUAN, I DONT DARE ALREADY!" then he also laughed. hahaha! I'm so naughty. I dont know why I will feel happier once he's pissed off. OMG I'm a monster. haha

........ he asked me " I really dont know why I treat him like that. haha I feel guilty already. haha he's asking me to sign a SURAT PERJANJIAN now to stop all the peperangan OMG SO FUNNY.

oh yeah, my mommy is already getting better. and she learns piano since this year. hehe I know it's cool.

Look at my cutie pie!

Yerrr. She go cut all her hair short already. But still as active as last time. You know that day, she pulled me run ALL OVER the school compound after school because she's playing catching. Hahaha. can lose 1 kg at a time! Omg very active!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hello again, everyone. <3

so boring only la school. I'm gonna make myself study more already. like like like. Ermmmm, use all the free time to revise back all the smelly form 1 thingy especially SEJARAH. =( hmph. then I start having alot of tuitions now already loh. so very busy. Have to finish the school work and the tuition work. *cries* Monday, Tuesday and Saturday got tuition ah! haha weekend must study Sejarah and Geography. Should be okay lah. My life is gonna be boring and dull until my PMR and the trials are over.


My mommy let me go to my another lou gong's concert - Lee Hom. <3 on the 3rd of march. so good. Go watch with my lou gong with his brother and BHD! haha aww so sweet la! <3 Rain's concert still needa confirm with his mum first. haha go with his mom! and Melvin! what lerrrr. haha but too expensive adey la. who sponsor me like lee hom's one? ahaha! mommy mommy, pleaseeeee!

Sighs. say until mommy. so sad only ler. she got asthma one before this. so she very stubborn dont wanna go see doctor ma. she say got her spray so no need. Just yesterday only. I called her go check properly see whether serious anot la. haha but the doctor dont let her come back. must stay in hospital summore. now at Glenteagle. Yerrr, wanna cry already. wishing her to get well soon! Pray for her also ah. thank you! <3

Excuse me.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

My New Year

Hmm. Nothing to talk about actually. My new class, 3A, is wayyyyyy more quiet and serious than last year's 2A! No more loud speakers - Alfred and Qassyaff and me of course! Just joking. haha I'm only noisy when I shout at people who disturbs me. so pandai pandai lah. Dont come and kacau me when I'm not in the mood. I shout that time everyone will look at me and you one you know! hahha shame shame. The two smart ass went to the first class already! Hmph! so no more hamsap jokes and those craps adey lorh. oh wait, there's still Mou mou and Alvin. eeyer. Mou just asked me. How's your new year? then i replied, not bad lah. the only thing was bad is you sitting beside me. HAHAHA. yuan ka lou jak. lalala. aiyah, we promised each other not to argue this year adey lah okay. so you guys see lah. GOT CHANGES ANOT. hahahah! we'll see. I must say this year is my very important year. I must i must at least get 6 A's for my PMR! At leaastttt. sigh I got 8 subjects summore. must work harder! oh yeah, I have more tuitions this year already. =(

sigh. school is diffrent without my beloveds. like Brenda and Sookie went to Cochrane. then my baby cockroach changed class, the form 5's are gone. no more breakfast from my worker, Keongy. No more lepak kaki, daddy Li Tim and Alia! aiya! alot la! Cannot see my ex mommy and BHD - Jess and Shirley so often adey! *cries* and of course my baby. Cannot see him every after school already. =( so, he gave me a rose that day. sweet! <3

I have to tell you guys that I couldn't blog so often anymore because I promised my mom not to online so often besides doing projects! so if I got any interesting news I will share with all of you okay. Wish me luck! Love you guys! take caress. Xoxo.

The Cam-whore, Kyeanalicious.