Thursday, April 30, 2009

Currently, Recently

This is going to be a long post. I don't know where to start. I just have the urge to write now and if it makes no sense to you you can just click on the "X" anytime you feel like it. =)

Currently, I'm feeling really nervous due to the midterm exam is coming really soon and I've not been studying AT ALL and I'm trying to do last minute studies these days but it's not going too well because the moment I take out a text/reference book, I will eventually fall asleep before completing a chapter or even a unit without realizing. And the fact that we are covering form 4 chapters makes me even wanna cry.

If you're wondering where did I go during lunch nowadays, I've been spending most of the lunch hours in the library with my evil twin yayen very very often nowadays.

Miss Sachie is the sweetest ever. She got me a pretty red pouch with a sweet little message behind. It was something like "Happy belated bday babe! ^^ so sorry it took so long.. I love you lo! Pls love me more than Chris!! nah laling, imaginary TOP for you. I've even put your favourite condom flavour inside HEH HEH!" AHHAHAH soooo cute!! If you're wondering what I'm holding, it's our marriage certificate in korean letters HAHAHAHAH

Recently, my classmates and I are mostly spending our time talking about what should we do after our SPM examination. What shall we be, What courses shall we take, etc etc etc. And I think I'm still quite lost on what should I be next time. I think I have too many choices so I don't know which to choose. Hospitality and Tourism? Culinary arts? Mass Comm? Or even business. Mom suggested me to take accounts . Zzzzzzzz

I just love to see the twins every morning before I go to school. They wake up so early just to say bye to me!! and their brother of course. Sooooooooo sweeet !! They make my day!!

Yesterday, I heard about the "pork flu" and I got soooooooooooo upset about it because I'm sucha big fan of pork. To tell you the truth, I eat chu yok fan almost every morning I can but now......... Zzzzz. Eating a char siu pau also I scared AHAHHAHA god why are you doing this to me T______T I've lose faith to pork already so I shall eat fish head mee hoon for breakfast from now on . Teeheee Quote from Rachel "Tak boleh makan babi" AHHAHAHAH

The fact that we're not talking to each other as much as before doesn't bother me as much anymore. It's not like I don't care. I just didn't know how it started. I think I said something offending before but I was obviously annoyed by it but I think this is one childish issue.

During PE lessons, I've been spending time with Rachel and Yayen in the toilet for about 1 hour this morning to help them with the contact lens. It's their first time wearing contact lens anyways. It seem pretty hard for first timers AHHAHA and I can't wait until my contact lens arrived around next week. I'm still thinking whether I should wear anot HAHAHA after I saw how they wear, I scared already T_T I got video of them suffering from wearing contact lens for the first time. Who wants to see???? Heh heh

After school today, I got to see baby after 5 days since I didn't see him. It felt like 5 years. AHAHA . Anyways we just spent some time together eating lamb chop and chicken chop together at our favourite restaurant and laughing as much as usual. I just love all the moments I spend with him. And I can't wait till our second anniversary this Sunday.

Rachel got 10 times darker after her tennis competition last week. I call her the "Bao Qing Tian" now. Heh heh. Bao Qing Tian with gray eyes HAHAHHAHA.

I also bought myself a new scar remover product too. It's Bio Oil. It's pretty expensive. I hope its goodddd. What makes it worth it is I got 2 big bottles of Baby Shampoo and Baby Bath each for free at Watsons spending more than RM20 for every purchase!! Am I lucky or am I lucky anot??

Mother Day is coming soon. I'm planning to bring mom for a dinner and get her something. Any ideas??

And I'm missing our girls day out. Let's go to somewhere after midterm!! Let's all go to GENTING hahahhaha! That's just a pre-planning!! We'll go to Sushi Zanmai, watch movie, and bla and bla and bla............

Lastly, if you're wondering who's this cute little girl is, she's the owner of =) A punishment for you for not coming to school today! Heheheh! I love you!!! =D

This is going no where. I think I should stop. A better post coming soon !

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I've thought that we will skipped this experiment since we didn't carry it out last year. I was wrong. Which experiment am I talking about . The title said it all. Dissecting the frog. I don't want to sound/act like a bimbo but I wasn't able to stay there long enough to look at how they dissect it . I just can't stand it T_T So so so disgusting especially when they play with the intestine. If you really wanna know how they play with it's rectum T_T And when Andrea was half dissecting, the frog still has it heartbeat back while she cut some part of it's organ and the blood started flowing out rapidly from the heart T_T so terrified! Fortunately I did not take my lunch earlier or else I will puke all the food out. I promise. I don't know whether I can take my dinner tonight anot. T_T

I wonder how she feel after dissecting the frog =(

Dr Farris and Mun yee are you smiling T_____T

Us terrified and disgusted by the froggie T_T

More updates on how the frog's intestine looks like in their blog soon. They have videos too. Aiyeryer.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Reason why I love them.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cooking Competition

Heh heh. Did you guys know about the cooking competition organized by YE club last tuesday? Well I guess most of you knew about it but due to limited place so only 8 groups of different club members get to join this competition. We are thinking whether wanna should organize another round anot. Hehehe.

The YE commitee members.

From left: Mellissa (President), Koh Kyean( Editor In Chief), Ya Yen ( Secretary), Pn Rokiah (Teacher Advisor), Rebbecca (Creative Director), Samantha (Photography & Presentation), Pei Chin (Treasurer), Rachel Liu (Event Manager) missing out.

Back to the competition!!!

*Wipe eyes* Something you will not get to see often! Sachie's mom must be damn proud. Hahahha laling you better cook for me next time I cook your house k! =)

Sylvia LP the pancake queen. Hahaha. I definitely love her pancakes. =) So pretty and delicious!


Teamwork teamwork!

Guys also know how to cook okay!

Hahaha kinda funny picture. Both of them look like they wanna fight. Then the another preparing the material. Another one looking at them. HAHA

Some were really happy cooking and enjoying their cooking moments

While some look like they just wanna cook you for dinner. HAHAHA noooooooooo

Now let's see what they can do shall we =)

Thai spaghetti with cocktail by our YE club! Faster say nicee! =)

Didn't managed to take a picture of the nicer version one. But this was what they made. Grilled chicken with rosemary for maincourse and pancake for dessert by Interact club. =)

I forgot what's the name of this soup already. Sweet taco with apricot & whipped cream as their dessert. Something special by MUN club.

Lasagna & Grilled Potato. Heh heh. Looks nice, taste good too! Created by the art club. =)

Green curry spaghetti? Nono, it's some blended vegetable juice but I don't know what. The guys don't tell me their secret recipe. And did I just mentioned guys. YES! This special spaghetti is cooked by a group of guys.. very impressive right? Heh heh. All done by mandarin club's guys!

Multimedia club. Just look at their dish you know how multi it is already HAHAHHA sushi + fried rice + chicken chop = epic !

Fish and chip. And guess what fish they used. Cod and salmon. Abit too wasted. Dory fillet will do and I'm sure the taste will taste better. By a group of science club member. =)

A table full of delicious food. Which one you wanna eat first? Heh heh

Interact Club

Art Club

YE club

MUN club

Mandarin Club

The judgers. Which group should win? You'll know by tomorrow!! =)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sushi Zanmai @ The Gardens

Heh heh. Went to Sushi Zanmai today after school with mommy and Mr I swear it's the best! 349823948294239423434 times better than Sushi King, Genki Sushi, Zen Sushi, Sakae Sushi, or maybe Ichiban Boshi if you wanna compare but you cannot even compare them with Sushi Zanmai! It serves food like Rakuzen standard as it's one of the group of Rakuzen, with a slightly lower price. This is what people call, peng, leng, zheng. Heh heh. Cheap, pretty and best!! If you are looking for cheap places and good japanese meal, I highly recommend you to go to Sushi Zanmai. =)

Good & fresh sushi waiting for you in there!!

The food is servedddddddd *sexciteds*

The Fruity Rainbow Roll. Pretty hor?? Bie doesn't like it that much but mommy loves it! For me, it's just so so because there's something nicer behind........

The Caviar Salmon Sushi . OMG DAMN NICEEEEEEEEE T_____T I wanttttttttt! You can hear so many pop sounds and the salmon will just melt when you put it into your mouth. It's that fresh!!!

Agedashi Tofu with Unagi on top!!! The addition of unagi is genius!!!! Freaking nice T________The combination of the tofu with the slightly sweet unagi, perfect!! For Unagi lovers, you'll definitely love it as much as meeeeeeeeeeee!! HEH HEH.

Potato Salad! So cute hor? But I still think the potato sushi in Jayo Jusco is nicer HAHAHA i dunno it's just the taste. but this one contains more potato fillings and of course the looks also win already luu hehe

The smoked salmon salad with black sesame sauce & Soft shell crab maki!!! So orgasmic!! The black sesame sauce is one of the most special salad dressing I've ever had. (The first time too) And the soft shell crab is just soooo crispy. So so good. Our favourite of the day! =)

The Curry Chicken Ramen . Well, it's the first time I had Japanese curry, so I don't know how to comment. It has a very sticky feeling. But it's not too bad.

Mommy enjoying her time.

Us the japanese food lovers having our good time there!!

Of course I cannot end my meal without desserts. We had Black Sesame and Green Tea Ice Cream for desserts. Heh heh. They serve good ice creams too. The black sesame is just soooo good. Thumbs up!

Well, the lunch costs us RM126.75. 10% service charge and the 5% tax is added. I find it quite cheap already for what we had. (We had a few plates of other sushis too) Plus the quality and taste of the food is good!! Satisfaction guaranteed! (and it's pork free, hear that Sachie!!) I will definitely go there again, bring my girlfriends there too especially SACHIE. See I love you so much ah!! Heh heh =) Sushi Zanmai, best place to chill and have nice japanese food. Teehee!!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Definition: Camslut are those who camwhores in the mirror with their handphones. In the toilet especially.

For example:

Guest blog, again :D

o hai, my naming is Lancerie, got the new nicknaming calling the Kyeancerie heh heh! the first paragraphing i am going to making alot of heh heh-ing, because my baby makeD alot of heh heh-ing in my blogging at the first paragraphing, i thinking you liking my styling of typing, you readers liking? i think you readers liking, i can already see u nodding man.

So, you guys still remember the indian boy story or not? i refresh u all skit ah : )

boss: eh boy where u come from ah
indian boy: i come from india
boss: oh india? which part??
indian boy: what do you mean by which part? all body part from india!

For the first time i read, i laugh like chi seen, i don't know if anyone of u are laughing now, if u are, leave a comment at the tagboard and visit HAHAHAHA :D

Today, my baby have period T_T, she said she cannot stand properly wor, leg soft soft wor, yer i hear i cry, no lah no cry lah, i hear, i heartache, then then i told her horr.....

"baby if i can have period for you, ill definitely take ur period with me, so you can feel better, i feel abit worst nevermind one, i can tahan one, NGO DENG DAK SHUN GEH!!!! RLY!!!!!! =( but too bad lor i cannot T__T so i told her to be strong and i love you <3"

i good boi plen or not? T__T

So ANYWAYYYYY!!!!!! have you people realized that, the weather has been really hot? =_="...... its so humid and hot, probably because of Kyeancerie, the hot weather started right after the guest bloging for Kyeanies and Lancerie. They hot lor what to do -_-"..

So now people lets think of something to do on a HOT DAY like. NOWWWWWWWWW!!! zomg its really hot out there.

hmmmmm i would suggest.

1. going to the swimming!

2. eat cold watermelon, but can last u for awhile only, but still can lah, bluff ur self u are inside the water melon, then u sure very chilled ald :)

3. go to gym, sit there can already, got air cond, really. i suggest fitness first in Leisure mall, cold till ur hair can fall.

4. Hide inside the fridge, or wear penguin costume hang lei hang hui in midvalley, confirm ppl skeds! "wahh... u see..penguin oh...very fierce hor?...wa..." mmm hmm

5. Go to genting, play the roaller coaster, dam windy and song one, need to line up abits, but still the okays becausu, everybody also wanting to feeling the windy :D or go ride the thiu lao gei, jump building machine. i dunno what the hell its called in english lah uvknow i know can lah Malaysia mah :D

so people tell me what u do on hot hot days, be creative ah dun tell me switch on aircond only ah!! u see my way of cooling down is so cool, i thinking im the cooling guy, thats the right way to do. : D

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Have A Confession To Make

By the way sorry for not posting sucha long time. Let the guest bloggers do the job. Hahaha. I'm offering more and more guest bloggers to blog in my blog already tsk tsk. The reason is I'm kinda lazy nowadays and I have nothing much to share with you cuz I hardly can go out anymore huhu and I'm scared that you guys will abandon my blog if I never update sucha long time. T_____T

I promise I will blog more okay!! Probably blog about the picnic date I had with him. But I scared you all will puke T____T too much sweetness is not good for health sometimes!! Heh heh! Later Munz will blame me if she got diabetes =) But, I'm actually not a good girlfriend after all. I curi curi went out with my secret lover last saturday without letting him know HAHAHA it's someone I go to tuition with. I somehow think that he knows about it but I think he doesn't know about it too. Heh heh. Sorry biee! I went to BBQ plaza without you. T______T and this is my confession HAHAHAHA

Hahah. FYI My hair is currently not this long anymore. I JUST HAD A NEW HAIRCUT hohohohand I'm lovin' it!! HEH HEH.

My secret lover ahhahahaha . Is she cutey or is she cutey anot!! =)

Our Supreme Pork Set
*ahem ahem sorry sach cough*

Heh hehhhh.

YY says it's the best!! This time I brought her there . Hehe She said it's nice also HOHO I'm so glad that everyone also like it now! Next person to bring there will be......... Rachel Liu Su Fen. HEH HEH.

Olalala~ I can see someone's saliva dropping already. Hohoho

The lousy cooker.

And I'm the cooking mama !! Let me do the job HAHAHAHA. Omg I'm so in love with that game in his Iphone T_T bie let's exchange phone for awhile can ah you use my ice cream phone I use your Iphone preaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee HAHAHA.

My secret lover I always go tuition with. Nola actually, it's cha gia love~ HEH HEH.

Should I post more of Chris Crat love next time ah?? Heh hehhhhhhh GONNA STUDY SOON!! Hopefully I don't fall asleep again T_____T